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2024 Victoria Film Festival – 940 Caledonia

February 8 @ 6:00 pm6:52 pm


Filmmaker expected to attend
Housing + Community + Local
Krista Loughton
Canada | 2023 | 52 min

For those experiencing homelessness, encampments have unfortunately become an increasingly common recourse across Canada, indicative of a systemic housing crisis that demands attention and action. In Victoria, one unsanctioned city park encampment flooded in December 2020, forcing the evacuation of its residents into a self-managed and supported site in a city parking lot. Viewed through the experiences of one of its residents and leaders, Tina Dawson, the newly formed community weathers storms and their own personal struggles, taking ownership over their circumstances and advocating for meaningful change to help address a number of crises they face.

The encampment’s story is shared from the inside, demonstrating that change is possible when barriers are removed and cooperative efforts are supported. Director Krista Loughton also serves as a city councilor in Victoria, providing another dimension of access to government ensuring those who most directly require assistance are in contact with those who can enact policies. With incredible access and trust, Loughton compassionately conveys that the success of 940 Caledonia is one step of many to the permanent and positive change so urgently needed. – AR

Screening with:
My Journey Home | Rose Patterson, Priyanka Desai, Avinash Bujhuwan | Victoria | 2023 | 26 min
My Journey Home follows a bi-racial (Indigenous and African) woman. Born in British Columbia, Canada she was adopted by a white family through the 60s scoop and taken to the U.S. losing her connection to her Indigenous identity. Her journey home reconnects her to her roots with the Nisga’a Nation.