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Cole Jackson’s “Melted Wax” // Album Release Party + Show

March 1 @ 8:30 pm11:30 pm


March 1st, 2024, 08:30 PM – 11:30 PM
846 Broughton Street – Voyage Fantastik
Doors at 08:30 PM – Show starts at 9:00 PM
$15 Suggested Ticket Price*

Come Escape the Labyrinth

Join us for an exciting experience unlike any other in Cole Jackson’s debut studio album release party!

Melted Wax is an alternative hip-hop album that uses the narrative framework from the story of Icarus to explore the emotional highs and lows of our lives through a wide sonic and lyrical range. From the guttural heaviness and focus on escapism of Labyrinth, to clever, braggadocious lyricism against arpeggiated flutes in Mononoke, to the almost genre-less experimental landscape created for confessional honesty in Fun and Games, each of the 13 tracks of Melted Wax are carefully constructed and unique.

With an opening from special guest Thunderfeet and in collaboration with Voyage Fantastik, this concert/release party will bring an alternative hip-hop sound to Victoria that isn’t being heard anywhere else. If you’ve known me for a while you know this release means a lot to me, and I’m beyond excited to finally share everything I’ve been working on as an independent artist.

*This is a paid event but I want everyone to be able to come so I’ve included sliding scale pricing to accommodate for whatever you’re financially comfortable with. If the cost is a big barrier to entry for you feel free to message me! See you there
– Cole J

Who is Cole Jackson?
Blending clever and challenging lyrics with artful intention, Cole Jackson is a Canadian alternative hip-hop artist with an acute focus on storytelling and emotional resonance. Against a wide range of soundscapes, Cole finds importance in expressing our shared experience – easily bouncing from fun, witty lines and fast flows on songs like Mononoke to expansive, poignant, and introspective observations on mental health with Fun and Games.

Melted Wax is the culmination of everything Cole has worked on in music through his life so far. From being a practiced drummer to acting as the marketing director for multiple local non-profit organizations specializing in community based musical expression, Cole now blazes his own trail in a release packed with both exciting moments and contemplative lyrics.

Who is Thunderfeet?
Thunderfeet is a dynamic force in hip-hop, seamlessly merging raw lyricism with pulsating electronic beats to electrify every stage. His music is a visceral expression of personal odyssey, navigating trauma, spirituality, and activism. A trailblazing artist, Thunderfeet captivates audiences of all ages with socially conscious verses and infectious authenticity, transcending boundaries and weaving a narrative of resilience and hope.

What is Voyage Fantastik?
Voyage Fantastik is an artistic space and environment where people can connect with others and themselves through creative collaboration, not just consumption. Understanding the power that creation has to influence our brains for the better – revealing pathways to connect and inspire new ideas, we see this as a perfect opportunity to deepen our relationships with ourselves, others, and our artistic direction.