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Kirtan, Storytelling, and Golden Milk

February 24 @ 6:30 pm8:30 pm

Kirtan, Storytelling, and Golden Milk
Join us for an evening of soul-stirring where voices intertwine, hearts synchronize, and the resonance of sacred mantras fills the air. Be in the harmony of devotional chanting, led by Sarada, Katyanna, and friends- and let the music become a bridge to inner peace and divine connection. In this shared sonic journey, Kirtan transcends melody—it becomes a celebration of unity and a pathway to the sacred within.
We will be sharing stories of the deities before bhajans to connect everyone to the teachings while we sip the divine elixir of golden Milk.
Haldi Doodh popularly known as ‘golden milk’ is the magic elixir of light. This milk is slowly brewed in spices, and infused to heal. Just as spices are considered medicine, so is the slow, calming nature of the cooking process.
In Ayurveda, energy is medicine. Along with the antibiotic properties, every sip of this wonder drink carries energy.
This magical recipe has been preserved and served by a mother to her child, and her mother, her mother and her mother.
Even in a time when our lifestyles and languages may differ from our ancestors and our eyes may no longer meet, golden milk is still a living ritual in India and in Southeast Asian homes across the globe.
Let us all come together and have this golden milk by acknowledging, respecting, and embracing multi-generational, energy medicine.
Om Shanti Om
February 24, 6:30 pm-8:30 pm
Earth studio
Investment $40
Prior sign up is required so we know how much golden milk to make ?