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KRUT (Ukraine) & Hannah Epperson

July 18 @ 7:30 pm10:00 pm

$10. – $25

A unique double-bill of two innovative and charismatic solo female performers, Maryna KRUT from Ukraine, and Hannah Epperson from BC, Canada.

Maryna KRUT is a Ukrainian singer and virtuoso of the bandura, a stringed instrument unique to Ukraine that looks and sounds like a hybrid of lute and harp. At 28, KRUT is an assured performing artist; her compelling, soulful performances evoke both folk traditions and modern sensibilities, with pop and jazz flourishes. A Eurovision finalist, she often represents Ukraine at official events and performs for soldiers in the current war zone. “[Her music] represents the DNA of Ukrainian culture, in all its styles, classic and very modern” (Ouest France).

Hannah Epperson has been called a neo-classical composer and musician, indie folk/rocker and avant-garde pop artist. With early ties to the American Southwest and Canada’s Pacific coast, her music draws from a life of listening and play inspired by musicians and artists across a wide range of genres. With violin, loop pedal, voice and innovative rhythmic improvisations with proximate objects, she weaves uncanny connection with her audiences, taking listeners on exhilarating journeys. As a companion in musical experience, she is powerful yet playful and gentle, often exploring the essential cultural and political matters of our age without ever leaving the miracle of the commonplace or us behind. Hannah’s music is unique, haunting, and addictive.