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Marcelo Suaznabar at Gallery Merrick

March 1


Join us for a surreal journey with self-taught Bolivian Artist Marcelo Suaznabar, at his captivating exhibition.

Inspired by the desolate landscapes of his homeland and guided by his uncle Enrique Suaznabar, a professional photographer, Suaznabar’s passion for drawing blossomed early. After studying art at university in Chile, Suaznabar moved to Canada in 2001 and continues to refine his craft, exploring surreal and dream-like worlds. His works, akin to the surreal landscapes of Hieronymus Bosch, delve into universal themes—time, beauty, nature, fear, temptations, and death.

The artist’s conscious intentions extend beyond the canvas, addressing the impending environmental catastrophe attributed to societal greed and temptation. Through surreal images and symbolism, Suaznabar seeks to draw the unconscious into consciousness, offering viewers access to mysterious and thought-provoking realities.

Marcelo Suaznabar’s exhibition promises a visually immersive experience, showcasing his unique body of work that converges tradition with contemporary surrealism.