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Paddling photography and videography Event

April 25 @ 7:00 pm8:30 pm


Prepare to capture your paddling adventures from a whole new angle with this kayaking photography and videography event! Learn how to capture stunning shots and videos, covering everything from using a professional camera to iPhone photography, and engaging drone footage. This event promises an enriching show & tell session where our expert speaker will introduce a variety of equipment and offer tips on integrating them into your paddling experience. We will also delve into various types of camera mounts, from the Unicorn Mount to the versatile Regular Helmet Mount, and explore the dynamic perspectives of Deck Mounts and Jackson Kayak Levator.

About the Speaker:
Eric Clark, an avid adventurer, delved into kayaking in 2016, discovering a profound passion for the sport. With a keen eye for visuals, he merged his interests in videography and photography, initially using videos to refine his kayaking skills. As his expertise grew, he ventured into more challenging waters, conquering rough currents and surfing at iconic spots like Surge Narrows Okisollo & Jordan River. Through his lens, he captures the essence of his kayak camping escapades, showcasing the beauty of the great outdoors.